Wendy Ella May for U.S. Congress

About Wendy Ella May   

The Reverend Doctor Wendy Ella May is a resident of Micro Township and has a long history of community and volunteer service. A career firefighter and emergency manager, she is the first openly LGBT person to run for office in Johnston County, North Carolina. 

Military Service and Advocacy
U.S. Army peacetime veteran and member of the Disabled Veterans of America
Founding Director, M.E.N.D. 4 Male Survivors of (MST) Military Sexual Trauma
Founder of MEND I AM Program and The Transformation Veterans Retreat Center in Selma, NC

Faith Leader
Retired founding Priest, Bradley Beach Community Church;  President of the New Methodist Episcopal Orthodox Religious Order and Churches 

Entrepreneur & Entertainer 
Founding Director, WE May Talent Management Foundation
Member of the Screen Actors Guild 

Former Publisher of The Bradley Beach Times in print, Times News NJ and The Beach Times online
Publisher and Volunteer Leader of The Bradley Beach NJ Tatler

Wendy May is an active member of the Democratic Party of Johnston County, Chair of Precinct 19, and a member of the county executive committee as well as the state executive committee.   She is also the president of the LGBT Democrats of Johnston County and 2nd Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party.  A member of the Democratic Women of Johnston County. The African American Caucus of Johnston County. The Senior Democrats of Johnston County. The Johnston County Veterans Club. The Labor Caucus of North Carolina Democratic Party, The Small Business Caucus of North Carolina Democratic Party.





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