Wendy Ella May for U.S. Congress



We of the North Carolina Transgender Democratic political Coalition and TransCarolina support Wendy Ella May for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina



Wendy is a true progressive who cares about people (all people) and is the kind of person we need in Washington D.C.

Jarrett Cloud


To those of you who reside in North Carolina and are able to vote in the 2nd Congressional district, I would like to convey to you how proud I am of Wendy Ella May for stepping up and announcing her candidacy to represent you as your Congresswoman. Wendy is a person of pride and integrity who will not turn her back on anyone regardless of party affiliation because she believes one thing and that is we all are Tar-Heels. I also know she will represent not only the mighty 2nd but the entire state of North Carolina in a way that will make you proud to call her your Congresswoman.

Janice Covington Allison



Environment, Education, Equality !!!!!!!!! That's why I proudly left the Republicans and proudly and wholeheartedly endorse my friend Wendy for the U.S. Congress!!!

Timmy Penny

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