Wendy Ella May for U.S. Congress


Wendy Ella May for Congress campaign is seeking passionate members of the community to join our Intern/Fellowship Team between July 2017 & Nov 2018! Can we count on you to be a part of history?

This is a unique opportunity for all age professionals & passionate activists to get the experience & training needed to turn your energy into meaningful action!

Our campaign is built on the vision that was catalyzed by the Bernie Sanders campaign — the idea that together, we can create a political movement that is by and for hardworking Americans.

We stand for:    

  • Quality public education with affordable access to college through free tuition and student debt forgiveness 
  • Preventing climate change, protecting our natural resources, and committing to clean energy
  •  Healthcare as an essential value and aspect of our guaranteed right to the pursuit of life
  •  A living wage for hardworking people
  •  New programs for sustainable, infrastructure that creates jobs in clean energy and local businesses.
  • Equality for all.
  • Women's Rights to protect their health and life.
  • Betterment of Rural values and infrastructure (ie High-Speed Internet and Safe Roads)

As an Intern/Fellow, you will be joining our grassroots team of community members who come from a variety of backgrounds & strengths.

You will commit to:

 A minimum of 10 hours with the campaign each week on your campus or in your community

 A minimum of 12+ weeks of involvement between July 2017 and November 2018


Examples of some /Internship/Fellowship activities and responsibilities:

  • Planning & implementing events for the campaign to fundraise or network
  • Training & coordinating volunteers for activities like registering voters, knocking on doors, &    phone banking
  • Promoting the campaign through social media & other outlets
  • Updating/Organizing Data
  • Reporting Daily Expenses/Campaign Activity
  • Maintaining Calendars
  •  And more!

***Course credit may be available. Internship /Fellowship positions can also lead to campaign employment.

If you are interested in joining our Internship/Fellowship Team you can send a cover letter and resume to wendymayforcongress@gmail.com attention Asa.

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