Wendy Ella May for U.S. Congress



October 11, 2017

Volume 1, Number 2


Rev. Dr. Wendy Ella May Supports Dreamers



On Sunday October 1, 2017 Rev. May joined with over 150 other supports of Dreamers in Raleigh N.C. Rev. Dr. Wendy Ella May will support a bill that will support the rights of all for a safe and secure way to citizenship.


Wendy Ella May A Progressive Democrat calls on all Americans to stand with Dreamers and Defend DACA. Ms. May said Because deportation of Dreamers will destroy families and hurt the US economically



Rev. Dr. Wendy Ella May One of the Keynote Speakers at the AAC-NCDP Gala








 Rev. Dr. Wendy Ella May Out in the District.


Ms. May has been out in District meeting voters since her formal announcement for the seat held by the sleeping giant George Holding.



Ms. Wendy Ella May has been to every county in her district and has been listening to voters and engaging in the forward movement of the people’s party.


Wendy Ella May has adopted Forward Together Not One Step Back as her Campaign Slogan.



In Wendy May's fight against dark money, a person working for Wendy's primary opponent recently asked her to withdraw, support him and ask for a role in his campaign because he is already in deep with money and party support.
Wendy will not be intimidated or give up the fight!
She is running to work for the people, not for the party or special interests.
Help support Wendy May For Congress and her grassroots campaign that refuses dark money!
Chip in a small donation and take a look at her platform that focuses on giving North Carolina a brighter future.

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